As we travel through life our goals and aspirations change, as do our financial needs. 

As young professionals, we need financial literacy and a foundation for our finances.  As we grow older, our lifestyle and financial goals expand to accommodate for marriage, family and more.  Our financial needs and plan evolve to address varying goals - saving for a home, children’s education, aging parents, saving for retirement or more.  As we enter retirement, a whole new area of financial planning arises –

  • How do things like social security, pensions, 401K rollovers, healthcare (Medicare/insurance) align in my financial plan?  When do I start taking what?
  • How does estate planning and legacy giving fit into my plan?
  • How do I discuss my estate with my heirs and when do I have the conversation?

One thing is for certain, you don’t have to go at it alone.  Our team is here to listen to your unique and personal situation and to be a partner in designing a roadmap to address all your life stage financial planning needs.

What is a financial plan?

The word financial plan can mean many different things.  When working with our team, you will receive a truly comprehensive, written plan, not just one part of the financial picture.  Some think of it as a personal finance manual; others a legacy document.  

It is a printed (or electronic if you prefer) document that outlines each of your goals and the strategies we are taking to accomplish those goals. Many times it will include foundational elements (budget for example) as well as more traditional scenarios (saving for retirement). 

For families and individuals that need more complex financial planning, we will work as a team with any existing financial partners to ensure it is complete with estate documents, prenuptial considerations, divorce decrees, etc.   If this seems like a lot of charts, don’t worry.  We believe in education, which means we will explain everything thoroughly to make certain you are comfortable and informed. We do not believe that comprehensive means complex.

To understand the steps we will take to get to the plan, please read more about our process.

Retiring Early With Confidence

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